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Newbi Video question

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  • Newbi Video question

    Here is what I need -
    I have a client that wants a traning video put on cd along with documents.
    I have the video saved as an AVI. I have a short video set to launch at start up. I want to beable to have the traning AVI launch by having them click on a link on the menu. But I can not find a way to do this!
    I don't want a media player to pop up just the video playing.
    Then have the documents linked to another button on the menu.
    Can this be done and how can I do it?
    Thanks in advance,

    Chris Stevens
    Stevens Studios DV

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    Re: Newbi Video question

    AVI videos can be played right from within AMS. Simply right click and select AVI video, or hit Ctrl+4. Then you simply tell it what video you want (select maintain original size if you don't want to have to resize it), and it will have a fully playable AVI video integrated right into the autoplay menu. Then you can add a button underneath to stop it if you want.


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      Re: Newbi Video question

      you should check out both of the following:

      1. check out the SMIL programming language, which is short for Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language. SMIL works within HMTL and is simply a way to control multimedia functions. with this language you can almost control multimedia like you would with Flash or Director; synchronizing audio with video, etc... You can also tell the video how it will play and how it should fit the screen...


      2. Buy Director 8.5 or Flash 5.0 (or both!) Director would be a way to make menu driven CDROM's, DVD's, etc.. it is an industrial strength AutoPlay, plus more. Incidentally, Flash and Director are *BETTER* know for their handling of lightweight vector animated motion graphics across the web. Director is basically Flash on steroids.

      With those two(/three) technologies you can really spice up the CDROMs you make for clients...

      PS> you should get Adobe 'AfterEffects' too