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  • Windows Media Player

    I've been reading through all the great posts and tried out one for Windows Media Player, but I couldn't get it to work.
    I want Windows Media Player to open in compact mode.
    The code I used was
    Execute Program: wmplayer.exe
    Argument: /compactmode/play /close %SrcDir%\videos/s4topic7.mpg
    Working Dir: %SrcDir%\videos

    I got the full screen version to work in the old Windows Media Player, but I am having no luck in the new Windows Media Player. Under Argument if I put the above, it opens and says it cannot find the object. If I put
    Argument: s4topic7.mpg it opens it but in full mode.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Someone told me that when Windows Media Player first opens it will always be in full mode, is this true?

    On another note: is there a way to make the Search Variable come back with a yes variable like "Yes you have the program installed, so you don't need to install anything"? It presently has a no variable.

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    Re: Windows Media Player

    Is the argument listed exactly as you put it in AMS? If so, I can see a few problems. No. 1, there's no space between /compactmode and /play. No. 2, you have the source as \videos/s4topic7.mpg. Note that the 2 slashes are 2 different ways. Other than the possibility that you typed it in wrong, though, I'm not sure.


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      Re: Windows Media Player

      Thanks for the reply.
      I tried
      execute program: wmplayer.exe
      Argument: /compactmode /play /close %SrcDir%\videos\s4topic7.mpg
      Working Dir: %SrcDir%\videos

      It opens Windows Media Player but then gives the message object or name not found. And when it opens WMP its in full mode not compact mode.
      Any suggestions?