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browsing through songs?

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  • browsing through songs?

    hello. in my project, i have a selection to play mp3 #1. and instead of listing each mp3 in a menu, i want to have a "next" button that would play the next mp3 (obvious, right?). how do i get this button to choose #2, then #3 and so on without having to create separate pages that 'pretend' the next button really works? thank you

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    Re: browsing through songs?

    Well, one possible way you could do it, is to have it create a registry entry after each mp3 is started, and when they click the button again, if that registry key exists, it would play the next. Potential problems with that, is that it would just add more junk to the registry, and if they exited out of the menu improperly (system shut down unexpectedly while menu was open), it could prevent it from working again. Something to go on, though.