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How to define argument for progr on CD?

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  • How to define argument for progr on CD?

    My problem is a bit difficult for me to describe .. but here goes...

    I use c:\ as the root and c:\DATA as the data directory. A graphic viewing program is installed in c:\DATA\GraphView to allow users to view files on the target CD. On the AutoPlay menu, one of the options is executing the graphic program (from the CD)which opens a catalog file in the C:\DATA directory. In defining the action to do this, an argument must be supplied to specify the location of the file to be opened by the application. I entered c:\DATA\HiRes.alb in the argument slot. This works fine prior to transferring the files to a CD

    The problem - when I build the AutoPlay menu and transfer it to a CD the file HiRes.alb isn't found because autoplay looks for it in the C:\DATA directory rather then in the DATA subdirectory of the CD. If I put %ScrDrv%\DATA\HiRes.alb in the argument slot, it still doesn't work.

    What do I need to put in the argument slot of the action to direct the application to look for the argument in the DATA subdirectory of the CD?

    Harry Kiesel

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    Re: How to define argument for progr on CD?

    What is your data folder for AMS set to? If it's data too, that may cause a conflict. I'm not sure how, but it's possible. You might also try %SrcDir% instead of %SrcDrv%. Again, shouldn't make a difference, but it's worth a shot. Is it possible to put the graphic program into a different directory? And you might try setting the argument as the folder where the graphic program is installed, instead of where the file is. Hope these suggestions help.


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      Re: How to define argument for progr on CD?

      Hi Harry,

      Where is "HiRes.alb" located on your CD-ROM? I.E. what is its full path? Are you sure that it is located on your CD-ROM?

      It sounds like you will need to use %SrcDrv%. This will be expanded to the root of your CD-ROM during runtime. So replace the ROOT of your CD-ROM (In the full path to "HiRes.alb") with %SrcDrv% and everything should work properly.

      Also, as Jito463 suggested, you might want to change the name of your directory from DATA to something like GRAPHICS.

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