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Program already installed?

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  • Program already installed?

    What I would like to do is have the user click on a button that would install QuickTime, but first it checks the registry to see if QuickTime is already installed. If it isn't then it installs it after asking the user if they would like to install it. If it is already installed I would like a dialog box to come up saying QuickTime is already installed and the user click's ok.
    I figured out how to make it detect if QuickTime is installed and to install it, but I am having problems if it is already installed. Right now it does nothing, so the user would think the button doesn't work. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Program already installed?

    You would have to have AMS read the string from the registry about Quick time...
    then after that line, in the project settings, you would have to have a dialog box string with the Boolean set to the string of the registry string for the quick time verification.
    your registry quick time name is : Quick

    so your dialog box would be set to sumthing like
    Show Message: Quick Confirm

    Congradulations! You have Quicktime already installed on your system.

    Boolean: %Quick% = TRUE

    make sure that your string in the Quick sections is set to TRUE if exsists.

    That should work for you. Also, if you havent already, make sure that your dialog box that prompts the user to install, its Boolean is set to: %Quick% = FALSE.
    that will prompt the user, if the string you are looking for doesnt exsist.

    an input idea: Echo to the user the current version of Quick Time that is installed.

    Congradulations ! You have Quicktime 3.5 already installed.

    hope this helps