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Page Preview and buttons ?

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  • Page Preview and buttons ?


    I am a new user I have the latest and the greatest AMS3007 release.

    I have a project with MP3 files and that is one of the main reasons that i purchased this great software.

    I had few basic questions...

    1. How to preview ONLY THE PAGE that you are working on say its page no 20, without having to preview the whole project (Iam aware of bringing the page upfront but still it wastes a lot of time cause AM still generates preview for all pages, this is important) I have Gateway P3 999Mhz 6400 server Pc that i am using to do all this and still ITS SLOW ? I was told by AMS support it is my problem that i have big size and many MP3 files and it would be faster with Smaller size MP3 and less MP3 ! Weird reply

    2. How do I create a algorithm to associate the following...

    I have this project where i have 40 small buttons to play MP3 i wanted to design it so that i click that button it gets highlighted and the MP3 file plays, now when the user clicks any other button of those 40 buttons on that page, that button gets highlighted and the first one becomes normal and this one starts playing...

    Also i wanted to get a to have the PLAY BUTTON that i have on this page to PLAY that associated button mp3 file played if say we pause it and play it again.

    Being a novice any help would be highly appreciated....

    I already have ideas about hide show actions for 40 buttons etc but that is again a WHOLE LOT OF DUPLICATION OF Work on each button and chances of mistake are too much....

    I'd rather be lucky than good, as I know I'm not good.

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    Re: Page Preview and buttons ?

    Check out this post here, where I basically outlined how to do what you want to do.

    and also

    The two of those together should show you how to create what you want to create. Good luck.


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      Re: Page Preview and buttons ?

      Thanks Jito453 its a lot of work though, I have 36 images on each page and multiple such pages, which have action of play MP3 on each mouse click similarly i have to have a play button that would come in front and remain available.

      I can do the hide and show algorithm but imagine doing it for all the 36 images and that page and across multiple pages...

      I hope they have this incroporated in the new release.

      Thanks for the help Jito,

      I'd rather be lucky than good, as I know I'm not good.