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How to align images ?

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  • How to align images ?

    Thanks for the previous reply and suggestions, Jito463.

    Any one has any idea how to align images with multiple being on top of each other and such a grid is present of say 40 to 50 images on a page. Meaning each image has say 2 images one on top of other and such we have like 40 images arranged on a page my problem is spacing all this images via the tools and not using my judgment and the grid option to do it, simply because i end up messing it than organising it evenly spaced.

    Any ideas, if i select say a row and say use the tool to spread evenly it gets all messed up because of two images on top of each other.

    The necessity of two images is so that i can incorporate the "MOUSE UP EVENT" which unfortunately is not available in the software.
    I have the latest and greates

    Thanx in advance

    I'd rather be lucky than good, as I know I'm not good.

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    Re: How to align images ?

    What I do is use the attributes section in the properties for the item, and set the position in there to the same for left and top. This assures that they are even.


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      Re: How to align images ?

      Thanx Jito, Looks like you are the Man !

      My other query was how to space all those images evenly on the page that is say 40 such images, with low image and high image arranged on top of each other ?

      Any ideas ....