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making sequential it possible and how?

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  • making sequential it possible and how?

    I am very interested in make sequential cds...for example...I have multiple programs that I want to burn on 3 cds. I would like the first cd to state "please insert cd number 2 to continue" and cd number 2 to state "please insert cd number 3" etc... If that is possible, when cd number 2 is inserted, I would like a menu to pop up and have a it's own menu so that one can install other programs...anybody know how and where this information is?



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    Re: making sequential it possible and how?


    Yes this is possible, you would simply have to make an AutoPlay Menu for each CD-ROM. Then on disc one (for example) use a SHOW MESSAGE action to inform the user to insert disc two. Then after they click OK on the SHOW MESSAGE dialog, close the disc one menu.

    Try using this method, if you have any problems post back.

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      Re: making sequential it possible and how?

      I was also able to do this, but with using the same menu. When the user wants to go to a page which the items linked to are on a seperate CD, a message would pop up asking them to insert cd #(whichever). When the pop the next cd in, they click ok, and it would jump to the next page. The autorun menu is the same, but the shortcuts linked to are just split across the multiple CD's. Does this make sense to you?