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Running tasks at the same time ..

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  • Running tasks at the same time ..

    I am looking to find a way to:

    Run an app. that (1) executes silently (set to wait for return), a (2) message shows a fake status while (1) runs; upon completion another (3) message/dialog covers the earlier status message (smaller).

    I can do easily (1) and (3), but not task (2). It appears that control is owned by (1), it does not allow for another task to run in parallel. Suggestions are appreciated. Tx. Mel

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    Re: Running tasks at the same time ..


    That the first program appears to have control is the "wait for Return" option that you have selected. If you uncheck that you will be able to launch the two processes in parallel.

    If this is not what you were thinking about doing, you change the order in which you are executing things. Try this order: (2) (1) (3).

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      Re: Running tasks at the same time ..

      Thanks for the reply.
      After experimention I did implemented task (2) then (1) and finally (3) to announce completion.
      I has been a while since I did the above, I seem to remember that when executing in parallel, the dialog message requires input from user, in effect the activity stops the execution of (1). What is needed is a dialog message that does not require user input or response. (This item maybe possible, but I am not aware of its existence).

      For now doing 2, (user clicks on ok), task 1 executes (wait selected), then task 3 displays a final dialog does the work. Not the best solution but reasonable.

      Thanks for the confirmation. I will start using SF 6.02, it offers more flexibility and it is more developer "like" environment, which I am used to, that is, developing routines using a scripts, & programming languages. Thanks. Mel.