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thank you, but i have more querstions?

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  • thank you, but i have more querstions?

    ok thanks, but i'm trying to check if a number of programs are allready installed on the end-user computer, these are flash 5.0, indeo v5.0, ie 5.5 and windows media 7.0, after i check the registry how can i call my application, and how do i pass the value to the variable, or what i need more then one variable, how can i do this, when i check for the version if not all of them are installed how can i hide the button of the ones installed, and how can i call one by one.

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    Re: thank you, but i have more querstions?

    Here is how I would do what you are requesting:

    1) On project open I would have some Read from Registry actions to check the versions.
    2) On page open you could have a Hide Object action, use the information from the Read from Registry actions in the Boolean conditions field.

    This will allow certain buttons to be hidden if the versions were not found in the registry.

    Adam Kapilik
    Indigo Rose Corporation