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    Hi all,
    This question might have been posted in the past. If so, sorry.

    Does anyone know a way to make a drop down list on AM3?

    Example: User clicks on down arrow and a 1 line text box drops down to show, let's say 10 lines of text for the user to choose one. Then an action could be executed from the selection they make.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Re: Drop Down List

    Thanks Adam, that might just work!


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      Re: Drop Down List

      There is no built in way to accomplish this in AutoPlay Menu Studio 3.0.

      However there are some sloppy workarounds:
      - You could have a separate page that is exactly the same as the source page accept that this page will have the drop down menu on it. Then on the original page you could set up a mouse over action that will jump to the page that you created. On the new page you could put a hyperlink over the drop down box with a mouse leave action that jumps back to the original page.

      This method works but is pretty sloppy. Give it a try, it may be the functionality that you need.

      Adam Kapilik
      Indigo Rose Corporation