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Licence acceptance before menu appears

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  • Licence acceptance before menu appears

    I need to display a licence agreement (for GIS data) which must be accepted before the autoplay runs. Later in the project, I also need to check the registry of the user's HD to see if ArcExplorer (free spatial data viewer) is installed and, if not, prompt them to install from the CD.

    My gut feeling from looking through AMS is that this is do-able, but I'm not savvy enough with programming to be able to suss it out :*(

    Can anyone help?

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    Re: Licence acceptance before menu appears


    Basically make a page in AutoPlay that has a TEXT BOX OBJECT that displays your License agreement. Then add two buttons (either TEXT or IMAGE OBJECTS) one that jumps to the next page in the Menu, your accept button. The other will close the menu, your Decline button. You can jump to a page using the JUMP TO PAGE action, and you can close your menu using the CLOSE/EXIT action.

    You can read from the registry using the READ FROM REGISTRY action, this will store the information into a variable. Then use that variable in a Boolean condition in order to decide if you want to install the software or not.

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