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How to use variables to do this...

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  • How to use variables to do this...

    I know this is basic, but I can't see how to do it.
    On my PAGE 1, I want a two butttons, one for "Run Manual" and one for "Automatic".
    If one is selected the other becomes deselected. How? (Thats question 1).
    If button 1 is selected, it JUMPS to Page 2, an AVI file runs and at the completion of the AVI file, the "FINISH" event of the AVI JUMPS it to page 3 and so on for 5 pages.
    If button 2 had been selected, it JUMPS to page 2 and the same AVI runs, but it does not JUMP to page 3. The users has to move ahead on his own.
    How do I program this action?

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    Re: How to use variables to do this...

    The way I have "disabled" a button on a page is by actually having two button on top of the other. Place the disabled one below the enabled one. If the user selects Button 1 then HIDE the enabled button 2. This leaves the disabled one visible. There isn't a true way of disabling buttons on AMS as you'll need to create your images of both, an enabled graphic and a disabled graphic.

    As far as the jumping to various pages, I would create a couple of page 2's. These would look exactly the same, although the first one would jump to page 3 upon completion and the second one would not jump to page 3.

    Hope this makes sense. After reading back over my post, I'm not sure if it does or not.


    Let me know if you need further clarification.



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      Re: How to use variables to do this...

      Another way to do this would be to have each button (1 and 2) create a variable when clicked. Page 2 could read that variable (say %1% and %2%) and if %1%=true then automatically go forward, if %2%=true, then do not (or if %1%=false ?). This would allow you to use the same page, and yet have the functionality that you want.