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QuickTime Movie at CD Startup

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  • QuickTime Movie at CD Startup

    My problem is nearly identical to that of the topic posted:

    TOPIC: Adobe Acrobat Reader
    BY: mehowey
    DATE: 1-31-02 / 4:49 p.m.

    Instead of Acrobat, I want AMS to invoke a QuickTime movie at startup. Apple has a stand-alone installer that I can include on the CD (for Windows) to do this, but the object here is to make this process as seamless as possible for the viewer. If possible, I don't want to put them through a bunch of clunky, distracting install steps.

    Is the best thing that I can do to follow the same steps offered to mehowey (Acrobat) and point the execute command to the QT installer? Will that start the install automatically?


    John Dove

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    Re: QuickTime Movie at CD Startup


    I don't think I did the best job of expressing my REAL question originally — which is — can I simply include a QT Player on the CD burn so that when my movie is invoked on startup, it simply launches the CD-INCLUDED QT Player, no muss, no fuss.

    I'm confused on this because I have documentation (credible, I think) that tells me that if you include QT on a CD, the viewer MUST have QT installed on their computer.

    Any help on this is appreciated.

    Thanks again!

    John Dove


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      Re: QuickTime Movie at CD Startup

      Upon further investigation, (I hadn't worked with AMS in a little while) looks like the only movie format it supports at all is .avi. While QuickTime exports to .avi, the quality is crap.

      I saw other forum entries regarding Flash, Acrobat, etc. From these entries, it sure would appear that AMS does in fact support other media.

      I'm not sure how this is supposed to work. In order to achieve what I need, AMS must deliver a QT movie intact (preferably on startup), in it's native QT .mov format.

      All help appreciated. Thanks!

      John Dove


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        Re: QuickTime Movie at CD Startup

        You are correct in assuming that AMS doesn't support showing .mov files natively, but you can still play it at startup. As far as automatically installing it on a computer if they don't have it yet, the following should lay it out fairly well. I borrowed this from the KB article on Indigo Rose's website at , but modified it slightly to do what you were looking to do:

        1) Under Project Settings, click the "Initialize %QTVersion%"

        2) On Project open, add an execute program link to run the QT installer (assuming you've been granted permission by Apple to redistribute it).

        3) Add the following Boolean condition:
        %QTVersion% <= 500

        This way, upon startup of your project, if their version of quicktime is 5 or less, it will automatically install the version of QT on your menu. You can also provide a link inside if you like, in case they have the latest version but want to reinstall it. Good luck.

        EDIT -> What I meant to say, was that you could play it at startup in the Quicktime Player.

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          Re: QuickTime Movie at CD Startup

          Thank you Jito463! I'm glad there are guys like you out there!


          John Dove