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AVIVideoObject action bug

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  • AVIVideoObject action bug

    An AVIVideoObject which plays when page 3 of my project loads has am 'OnMouseClick action Jump to Page Page4' action assigned, but when built, clicking the AVI on page 3 jumps unexpectatly to page 5. Other pages with same coding work fine.
    In order to trace this bug I temporarily placed an ImageObject on page3 with the same 'OnMouseClick action Jump to Page Page4' assignment, which when built functions as expected and correctly jumps to page 4.

    Are there known bugs in ASM in relation to jump actions and/or is there some way to debug this issue? Any help appriciated, thanks.


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    Re: AVIVideoObject action bug

    Hi Emily,

    First, Welcome to the Forum. I'm sure you will begin to enjoy AMS as you work more with it.

    Have you checked page opening actions? how about actions connected with your video? i.e., video close? Also, clicking prior to the video completing? There shouldn't be a "bug" associated with these type actions.

    You might try searching this forum for issues you have, it certainly has a lot of experienced users offering help.

    In any case,
    Good luck,