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Can events be timed?

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  • Can events be timed?

    I am looking for a way to "show" and "hide" objects based on timing.
    Also move to different pages in this way.

    I want to play an audio track and have different things happen at precise times automatically without user intervention.
    I tried using "quiet" avi files but then I can't run any other audio while they are playing.

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    Re: Can events be timed?


    It might be possible depending on how you want to accomplish this, although there are no built-in timers in AutoPlay.

    Is your audio track an MP3 or a WAV file? If it is a WAV file do you have "Play Synchronous" checked? What happens when you try to play a "blank" AVI in the background? Do you want that Show and Hide events to occur at the END of the song? Or do you want them to occur at certain points through out?

    You might consider created a simply executable that would run silently for about 10 seconds. Then execute that, with "Wait for Return" checked. This could serve as a simply timer.

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      Re: Can events be timed?

      My audio can be MP3 or WAV. I prefer MP3 but unless I use the "on FINISH" feature of the AVI object, I don't know when the audio is done.
      The .exe idea might be worth while although if the timeings become intricate (as they probably would) there would be a lot of payload out there with the .exe stuff.
      What I might try it to write an .exe that takes an argument which would be the number of seconds to "time".