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playing two autoplay exe on same cd

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  • playing two autoplay exe on same cd

    I want to add a second autoplay file to a cd that is already created by autoplay and cannot be edited can this be done. ie when the cd is incerted the first autoplay starts and rns a project when that is exited it starts the second autoplay projext?

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    Re: playing two autoplay exe on same cd

    by creating a second output file and use setting on shutdown of the first to open the new output folder it works...answered my own question. Only thing to remeber is that the first output folder must NOT be in the folder but the individual files and the second autoplay output folder must be in a folder not to confuse the strat up process


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      Re: playing two autoplay exe on same cd

      Hi there,

      I want to create a way like what you want above, but I couldn't get it to work even after I burn both menu or autoplay files to a CD. I just wondering if you have solve or anyone have solve this problem, so that you all can teach me how. Thank you for your appreciation.