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  • priority paths

    how can i search more than one path at the same time, i'm searching for a version of as file but when i do it in a diferent language windows it dosen't find it so i need to search in both paths.

    this is in spanish i get archivos de programa, and in english i get program files, is there a way to search either one of them so i can get my variable and continue.

    or is there a variable for program files.
    please help me.

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    Re: priority paths


    This is from the Help File:

    Priority Paths
    The paths that should first be checked during the file search separated by semicolons. If you chose "Priority Search Paths Only" in the Look in field, these paths will be the only ones searched. This is a great option to use if you have an idea of possible locations of a file because it can drastically increase the speed of the search.

    So basically you could define two priority search paths, one in Spanish, and one in English.

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      Re: priority paths

      What do I put in the Priority Path for it to search a certain forlder only in the CDROM drive?

      what do I put here(CDROM)?/folder/folder to search

      Thanks for the advise!



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        Re: priority paths

        Try using the variable "%SrcDrv%" as in:

        %SrcDrv%/folder/folder to search

        At run-time the variable will be replaced with the letter of the drive the autorun.exe file is runing from. You could also use "%SrcDir%", that way you can test this from your hard drive, too. I think most of us use "%SrcDir%".