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Combining Projects

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  • Combining Projects

    I'm not quite sure about the best way to go out my particular situation and would appreciate some assistance.

    I have a project which has 9 demo software titles from which to choose. Each title when clicked launches a demo installation of that product. This works great!

    I now want to create a new project to install a registered version of each product, but also make the demo project available as a second page.

    I have two thoughts on this, but not sure if either is possible.

    1. Create my "registered" installers separately, one per project. Then somehow import or combine my "demo" project as a second page.

    2. Create an individual page for all registered products as a single project along with my demo installers but somehow hide the extra pages (or worst comes to worst, delete) the registered titles that will not be used when I build the project.


    -Michael Rothstein