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  • close/exit.

    ok, i'm checking for different programs in the client computer, if i find the version i'm searching i close/exit the autorun, the problem is i have a shutdown action, and a that runs an application, the thing is i have a close button too so if i click the close button it runs the application, how can i close the autorun from th button whitout runing my applicationb.

    please help!!

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    Re: close/exit.

    What you could do is use a variable in the Boolean condition. For example, let's say that you define a variable called
    %ManualClose%. Now you could initialize this variable to a value of FALSE to begin.

    Next, add an Assign Value action to your Close button that assigns a value of TRUE to the variable %ManualClose%.

    Next, go to the Shutdown event and place a Boolean condition for your Execute Program action that is something like:
    %ManualClose% = FALSE

    Now if the user clicked the close button, the program would not be launched, although if otherwise such if the user closed the menu without your close button the program would be launched.

    Hopefully I interpreted your question correctly.


    Darryl Hnatiuk
    Indigo Rose Corporation


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      Re: close/exit.

      thanks Darryl Hnatiuk, you did interpreted my question correctly.
      Than you.