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"Wait for Return" not working

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  • "Wait for Return" not working

    I am trying to run 2 setup.exe files, one after the other. The first is the MS Access Runtime and the second is a setup program created with "Self Extracting Archive Utility". I have checked the "Wait for Return" option on the Runtime setup, but it doesn't wait, the two programs run at the same time.

    File Name: %SrcDrv%\programs\Access Runtime\SETUP.EXE
    Working Directory: %SrcDrv%
    Wait For Return: Checked

    File Name: %SrcDrv%\programs\SETUP.EXE
    Working Directory: %SrcDrv%
    Wait For Return: Unchecked

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    Re: "Wait for Return" not working

    The reason that the "Wait for return" option may not work on some installs is due to the fact that there are actually two executables files being executed in a couple of steps.

    Many installers first extract some files to a temporary directory, and then launch another executable from there to complete the actual installation. Therefore the job of the initial install executable is finished, so it passes back control to the program that called it.

    Some installers such as our Setup Factory program, has a command line option that can be used to force the install to wait until the full install is finished before it releases control. For Setup Factory installs, it is /W although it varies between installers and some may not have such an option.


    Darryl Hnatiuk
    Indigo Rose Corporation