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Screen size problem

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  • Screen size problem

    I have developed a tutorial using this brill program, the problem I am having is this.

    After testing my work on various computers I found that the display was missing on one side of the screen especially on smaller monitors, in other words the smaller the monitor the more viewing area was lost.

    Should I make my work at a smaller size or is there a way that it will automatically resize to the size of the monitor that it is played on?
    Would it make things worse if I make it at full screen?
    Please help

    Thanks for your time and a great program

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    Re: Screen size problem

    What's the screen size you're creating your menu on? Let's say, for example, you create your menu using 1024x768 and the user has their monitor size set to 800x600 or 640x480 then it will most definitely cut off part of your menu. The absolute safest thing to do would be to create your menu at 640x480 then everyone will be able to view your menu. The only drawback to this is that if someone has the monitor set really high, like 1280x1024, then your menu would appear very small.

    Another suggestion would be to detect the screen size of the user that's running your menu. The very first action that should run when your menu starts is a screen size check. If the user's machine is set lower than your menu, then create a dialog box that tells them they have to change to resolution of their screen. You could also create a couple different menus and the proper one could run based on the user's screen setting. Now, after all that, if you want my opinion on the one size that works for most everyone, then I would suggest 800x600. Most monitor's are set to at least this so you should be pretty well covered.

    Hope this helps you out.



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      Re: Screen size problem

      I think you are right 640x480 makes sense so that is what I will choose,
      Thanks for the quick response Tbybee much appreciated.


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        Re: Screen size problem

        We have already prototyped and will probably include support for changing the user's screen resolution while the menu is running in AMS4.0.

        - Brett


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          Re: Screen size problem

          check out :

          for some AMS tools