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    I work for an advertising company and as things move forward we are getting more requests for digital and IT related solutions.

    One of my clients has a new concept and wants to mail 1000 customers with some information.

    We have proposed to do this using a powerpoint presentation and burning it onto credit card size cd's.

    When I have burnt the cd's:-
    1. Does the autoplay studio menu run in full screen when it starts?
    2. Does it integrate all this with Powerpoint?
    3. If i have multiple options on the root menu, can i browse back to this and the other sub menus while viewing one of the powerpoint presentations?
    4. Anything else I should be aware of?

    kind regards,

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    Re: Before I Purchase

    1) There is the option on the GENERAL tab of PROJECT->SETTINGS called "Full Screen Mode". However only the dimensions of your menu that you have defined as your window size will be active.

    2)Read the following Knowledge Base article written by Indezine Magazine that explains how to incorporate PowerPoint with AutoPlay Menu Studio:

    3) Migrating through menu screens is done using JUMP TO PAGE actions that can be exectuted through buttons, page opening etc, therefore if you set it up correctly, I don't see why this could not be accomplished.

    I suggest you download our evaluation version that can be found at the following URL:


    Darryl Hnatiuk
    Indigo Rose Corporation