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AMS and opening

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  • AMS and opening

    This is probably stupid but... When I go to preview or build all goes ok and all the files ar ok , ie .apm .autorun and ***.exe and the stuff burns onto disc ok. But when I come to put the new burnt disk in it boots to a bar that that has no maximise on it. It may be a prob with my machine as the disks open ok on other machines. The trouble is all my other games and applications on cd load ok. its just anything that is created with AMS. Help as its a great prog

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    Re: AMS and opening

    I'm not sure I completely understand what the problem is, but this is what it sounds like to me. You're not getting a title bar that includes the minimize/maximize/close buttons?

    Be sure to check the settings in your project. Project-->Settings-->Display Options. Make sure Show title bar is checked.

    Hope this is what you're talking about.



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      Re: AMS and opening

      Cheers there but I have tried it with that checked and full screen and border but to no avail yet the autorun file states [AutoRun] Open=medis.exe which is my title.
      Other autoplay disks open ok but not the ones I produced with AMS
      The disks open and maximise works on other peoples puters but not mine. It has only just started doing this I notice when I I istalled a new LiteOn CDRW but surely its not that? I will disconect to see. Cheers again .... Strange as I see someone in another Ams forum had the same but no answer came back?


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        Re: AMS and opening


        What version of AutoPlay are you using? It sounds like you are experiencing a rare problem that occurred with earlier versions of AutoPlay.

        Try updating to the latest version here:

        MSI Factory The Next Generation Intelligent Setup Builder