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  • Power Point and Links

    I have read and understood the article from Indezine about putting Power Point presenations and shows into AutoPlay. We are now having trouble with the hyperlinks working. The article does not go in too much depth for the links, all it says to do is "Save all your presentations and other linked files such as video, sound, narration, animation and images in the `present' sub folder created in step 6." So, we placed a couple of licks (e.g. a equipment manuals) in the `present', now when we burn the program the links can not be located. What can we do about this problem. There are thoughts of doing a pack and go, do you think this would be helpful.

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    Re: Power Point and Links

    I checked my present folder and found only the pps show and the separate wav files. My links work fine in the entire show if saved as a pps file. I do not place linked files in the folder except for the wavs. I remember having to tweak a few things after following the instructions on indezine. I deleted the files from the installer folder, placed ppview32.exe in the main drive index along with the rest of the required dll's etc, and then it worked fine.

    I like powerpoint's ability to open at real full screen without all the resolution and resizing problems that the current AMS program faces when using AMS for a display format. I tried anirez and did not like the problems and the color depths etc.

    Only powerpoint 97 items will work with the player, so no animation, best to create with Powerpoint 97 so you are not tempted to use something in newer versions that will not play in the 97 standalone viewer.