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QT and PDF at the same time

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  • QT and PDF at the same time

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Here is my issue:
    I have made an interactive CD with Director. In this CD I use QuickTime movies and a PDF file. Director will not restart itself after an install (if needed) of QT or Acrobat so that’s why we use AutoPlay.

    What I need is this, when the end user puts in the CD I need AutoPlay to check (in the background) to see if their system has either QT 5.0+ or Acrobat Reader 4.0+.
    If they need QT and not Acrobat, then page one (QT) would come up.
    If they need Acrobat and not QT, then page two (Reader) would come up.
    If both QT and Reader were needed then page three (Both) would come up.
    All pages would have the option to install or exit the CD.

    Here’s what I have so far for the PDF:

    Project Settings/Actions/Startup/:
    Minimize Window
    Assign Value Set %Upgrade% to %Install%
    Close/Exit (Boolean) %PDFVersion% >= 400
    Restore Window (Boolean) %PDFVersion% <= 400

    I assume I would do the same thing for QT. How would have them both in the same AutoPlay and how would I bring up the appropriate window QT, Reader, Both?

    Thanks very much


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    Re: QT and PDF at the same time

    I got it! If anybody needs let me know.