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Background music + mouse action audio

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  • Background music + mouse action audio

    I'm working on a project which will include background music. The music needs to be looped. Also I wil have several pictures with mouse over|leave|click audio actions.

    Here the problem starts. Opening the page the background sound is looped (*.wav) file. The pictures are configured using the correct audio actions. Running either previeuw or runtime mode the background sound stops and the appropriate action sound is played.

    How can I configure the background sound to keep on playing and also have the audio action commands ?

    Allready tried to mix mp3 and wav, as the mp3 is played by the internal player. But this does not do the trick.

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    Re: Background music + mouse action audio

    I'm able to loop an mp3 in the background and have wavs playing on all of the mouse overs with no problems. What version of AMS are you using?


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      Re: Background music + mouse action audio

      I'm running V3.7

      The system seems to 'hang' itselve as soon as I move the mouse over a picture. After more than 1 min. or so to sound play's and the window is frozen.
      Though the wav or mp3 files ar only 2sec or so in lenght.

      But I allready noticed that using the mp3 player separate from the wav files as mouse commands gives a better result. Is this due to the fact that mp3's are played internaly
      and the wav uses MCI command, IR ?


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        Re: Background music + mouse action audio

        Many systems don't have any trouble playing two simultaneous sound files as long as they are in the two different formats, WAV and MP3. However, we have heard that some systems do have problems performing this task, therefore it seems to be a problem with different sound cards or drivers although this is speculation. I have never had this problem, although some customers have reported this fact. All I can really say is the safest method would be to eliminate the mouse sounds or eliminate the background music.


        Darryl Hnatiuk
        Indigo Rose Corporation


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          Re: Background music + mouse action audio

          Thess is most likely the sound card issue.
          Some can play 2 or more sounds at once others can only play one at a time. I have see this many times.