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  • Close/Exit Again !

    Heres my deal,
    I get alot of customers who get computers from Pawn shops and personal friends,But they never get the drivers for anything within that system So I have to go online and search for drivers to all their components. So in essance I make alot of drivers disks. So My Question is this.
    What is the variable I need to make it so when they want to close out the cd I've made
    they hit exit and it closes out the menu? Ive read all I can but I cant get it right.
    Does this make sense ?

    One day I might get something right,But my wife thinks it will be only when I die

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    Re: Close/Exit Again !


    Simply use the Close/Exist action to close your AutoPlay Menu.

    Add a Text Object and double-click on it to view its properties. Then go to the Action tab and make sure that the Mouse Click event is selected. Now click the Add Action button and select Window -> Close/Exit.

    Now if a user clicks on this Text Object the AutoPlay Menu will close.

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