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Expiration date

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  • Expiration date

    Hi List:

    I would like to create a DEMO disc that expires after playing it for say 10 times

    To do this, I believe, I have to use Registry. It seems to me that the following steps are required:

    Step 1) Check if a registry variable has been written at the start of the first use. If yes go to Step 3.

    Step 2) Write a registry variable with a numeric value of 10

    Step 3) Read the current value of registry variable and decrement it by one (CAN THIS BE DONE ?). If the new value is < 0 jump to page that says that MENU has expired and to contact company.

    Step 4) If the calculated value in Step 3 is >= 0, then write the new value back to registry and proceed with the normal flow of MENU.

    I need the help with the specific actions to accomplish the above. I have searched the threads, and while some of the aspects of the above procedure have been mentioned, I could not find detailed enough explanation to help me with this project.

    Thanks for assistance.


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    Re: Expiration date


    I posted the above message while the Board was down so it missed the regular attention of board watchers. I would still appreciate any comment you (and others) may have.



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      Re: Expiration date

      Hmm, I've found a way that might work, but I have to work out why it won't decrement the reg key upon subsequent runs. Let me test it out and get back to you.