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WinNT and %AppDrv% doesn't work! Help please.

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  • WinNT and %AppDrv% doesn't work! Help please.

    Well I sent an email to tech support because this is rather urgent, but there is something wrong with your server, or so I am told.

    A copy of the original query follows...

    Boy I've really beat my head against the wall on this one... can you help? I've really lost a lot of critical time now... put my eggs in this basket and now I'm worried about it...

    I am preparing an installation for networks. Love this software, it has provided me with lots of things I need - amazing really. My target is NT networks with Windows Workstations. This was working great until my beta testing moved over to the scenario where the Workstations are NT based... ie WinNT Workstations and Win2000. At first I thought it was just Win2000 but not so close to the gate, and now this :^{

    Here's the problem: Set a variable for a file to be searched for on a mapped network drive (the test server is a Win2000 setup). The file search variable priority search path is identified by "%AppDrv%\the pathway". When I run the install on a Win98 workstation it checks and verifies the file (exists/or not) every time... at least I'm pretty sure it does, unless I missed something, but it all seems pretty straightforward. However, it doesn't seem to be seeing the server drive or file, I don't know which, when run on the NT based workstations?! If I continue the install the server aspect of the software does get placed.

    The value of the %AppDrv% variable is determined (if I got this right) by the drive selection the user makes in the "screen" where the drive/path location to install to is chosen... correct me if I'm wrong.
    Does this not work on NT???!!! What can I do either to make this work or as a work-around?

    Please, Please, I hope you have an answer -- I've run out of rope!

    Rick Di Salvo
    Hawkeye Tech

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    Re: WinNT and %AppDrv% doesn't work! Help please.

    I received your e-mail and replied to it, I do not know of any problems with our server. What happened to make you believe this? If you did not get my e-mail, one thing I suggest is that if you do not have the newest version of Setup Factory V then request and update at:
    because there were some problems with FILE SEARCH variables in older versions of SUF. Another problem might be that you do not have the correct permissions to search for that file. I would suggest checking the ALLOW FOR MANUAL BROWSE IF FILE IS NOT LOCATED checkbox, and try to find it for yourself, to see if that works.
    Hope this helps.

    MSI Factory The Next Generation Intelligent Setup Builder


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      Re: WinNT and %AppDrv% doesn't work! Help please.

      Thanks for the reply Mark...
      1) It was the message from the mail server... it basically said the message had been undeliverable to the destination for X# of hours. It implied a problem o the "other end". I never did receive a reply to that message, but I did receive the message to check the forum.
      2) I have the latest edition.
      3) I do have permissions set so there should be no reason for the server to block the "variable query". I will try your suggestion tonite when I get back and let you know if I can "manually search". Evidently, I gather from your reply, this should work. I'm a little worried... is there facility for you folks to test this on your end as well and verify/or not this problem?


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        Re: WinNT and %AppDrv% doesn't work! Help please.

        Hmmm... I replied to this earlier today but I don't see it posted (many hours later). Finally got your email though, so I'll leave it to my reply there.
        Thanks, Rick