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Name of the uninstall executable

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  • Name of the uninstall executable

    I have the latest version of Setup Factory.
    In the registry I read under UninstallString that the path for the uninstall = C:\windows\iun506.exe and then the path to the configuration file.
    Is this path %WinDir%\iun506.exe always the same and is it the path for the uninstall executable?
    I ask this because I have also a file called iun504.exe in my windows directory and when I check the properties of that file it says that it had changed at the same date and time as the iun506.exe. How come?

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    Re: Name of the uninstall executable

    The path %WinDir%\iun506.exe is the path to the uninstall executable, but the name of the executable changes from version to version of Setup Factory. So the file iun504.exe was created by an install that used a previous version of Setup Factory. The iun506.exe file is used for all setups that use the same version of Setup Factory, the only difference between different uninstalls is the path to the INI file.
    A quick question for you, when you say that you checked the properties and it said that both files "Changed" on the same day, do you mean that the "Accessed” field was the same for both of them? If so, this is probably because you are looking at the file’s properties. But if you mean the “Modified” field, then I was unable to recreate that over at this end.

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      Re: Name of the uninstall executable

      [QUOTE]Originally posted by Mark:

      Thank you for your quick answer I already thought it had to do with different versions. For the other thing. It looks stupid, but I looked under: last opened. I found out now that looking at properties is causing the last opened note to be set at the date you look at the properties.
      So of course these are always the same.
      Sincerely Harry Brummelaar.