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Placing Shortcut on Desktop

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  • Placing Shortcut on Desktop


    I've read through the posts in the message board and I wanted to say thanks. They've really helped and have gotten me as far as I have. However, I'm now stuck. Here is my situation. I am putting this setup on a cD-rom and whenever I include the actual .exe file in the setup, it doesn't work correctly. Apparently, the .exe must remain on the cdrom. So, I just pointed to it using the System Editor. The only file I import into the setup is the icon and the readme. This seems to work great! However, I'm now trying to put that same file "shortcut" that it created on the desktop, or at least a copy of it. Do you know how I can go about doing this.

    Thank you tremendously.

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    Re: Placing Shortcut on Desktop

    To create a Shortcut command that creates a shortcut to your program on the Windows desktop:

    Action Create Shortcut
    Folder %Desktop%
    Shortcut Description My Program
    Target File %AppDir%\MyProg.exe
    Command Line Arguments
    Icon Index 0
    Use external icon file Unchecked
    External Icon Path N/A
    Working Directory %AppDir%
    Run Mode Normal

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