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Can search allow manual browse even if file is found?

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  • Can search allow manual browse even if file is found?

    I am making a setup file for a software UPGRADE.
    I need the setup to only install into a directory that already contains a file with a certain name.
    There could be more than one copy of the required file (in more than one directory).

    The upgrade program should be able to install into any of the directories that contain this file name, but only into one of those directories.

    The problem I am having with "file search variables" is that the as soon as SUF finds a copy of the required file in the Priority Search Paths, it does not alow the user to continue searching for another copy of the file.

    In Setup Factory 5, the File Search Variable options only allow the user to browse if the specified file is NOT found. ("Allow manual browse if file can not be located").

    I need to allow the user to continue to browse other directories for the specified file, even if the specified file name has already been found. Essentially, "Allow manual browse regardless of whether the file has been located".

    The only differences between this and the existing "Allow manual browse if file cannot be located" would be:

    A. This option would be allowed even if the specified file had already been found.

    B. The wording would be slightly different. For example, "You have found a directory with the required file XXX. To accept this location, click . To continue to browse elsewhere, click ."

    I have tried the following workarounds, which do NOT work for the reasons given:

    1. After searching the Priority Search Paths, allow the user to get an "Install Folder" screen allowing him/her to browse, using the directory found during the search as a default. This workaround is not good because the "Install Folder" browse could allow the user to select a directory where the desired file may not exist.

    2. Use the the "Allow manual browse if file can not be located" on the File Search Variable screen. This workaround does not work because if the required file is already found, this does not allow the user to contine browsing for another directory which may also contain the required file.

    Do you have any suggestions? The tricky part is allowing a browse which requires a specified file to be found, but even if it is, allows the user to browse for the same file in other directories.

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    Re: Can search allow manual browse even if file is found?

    Sorry it took so long for me to reply to this.
    Well it really comes down to whether or not all the files are identical. The reason for this is if the files are not identical then you can do a CRC-check on the files so that Setup Factory can search for, and find, the "correct" file. But if the user has more then one copy of the file on his/her system that are identical then there really isn't anything that you can do. I have been trying to think of a workaround for you, but the real problem appears to be that if you let the user browse for a location, they make pick a path where the file does not exist. I will keep thinking about a workaround for you.

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      Re: Can search allow manual browse even if file is found?

      Thanks for your reply.
      In our case, the desired file cannot be tested for CRC, because it may be any of many versions of the file. We often ship incremental revisions, so there are more possible versions than we can track.

      As a software company, we know that every enhancement is more complex than it originally appears to be, but an option on the "File Search Variables" screen to "Allow browse even if file is found" could make use of existing code quite nicely.

      SUF already has the ability to browse and only allow selection of a directory that has a specific named file (or a filename held in a variable).

      All that would be needed would be:

      1. Allowing the browse even if the file WAS found.

      2. Optional (user-settable) text to display if the file was found. Possible default text:
      'The installation program has found an existing installation in the following path: .
      To accept this location, click on "Okay".
      To browse other locations, click on "Browse".'
      One possible workaround we are using is to put up a radio button screen if the desired file is found, with the options:
      () Upgrade this installation (recommended)
      () Custom search

      The "Custom search" sets a variable to a value which enables an "Installation Location" screen with a big warning to only change the location if they know what they are doing. Of course, the downside is that they can accidentally select a location where there isn't an existing installation, which can copy multiple megabytes and dozens of files into a directory that would take lots of time and effort and personalized attention to undo. Also, we would no longer be able to enforce the requirement to have certain files present.