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Need to check, if the S/W already installed

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  • Need to check, if the S/W already installed

    Help me, please, to check,
    if my software is already
    installed before into the System,
    before creating the folder and
    copying the files there.
    If yes, I will ask the user,
    if he wants to re-install the
    software, or he prefers to
    uninstall it first, or not
    to install at all.

    Thank you in advance.

    With full respect,

    Ruth Glushkin

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    Re: Need to check, if the S/W already installed

    Basically you will have to follow these approximate steps:

    The easiest way:
    1)If your old software had a unique name, then what you should do is use a file search variable and search for that file. Make the variable name %AppDir% (which is a built in variable name). Store in the variable the “drive and the folder”. Make the default value: %ProgramFiles%\%ProductName% (that will just ensure that you have a “nice” default value, but you could put whatever you want as the default value)
    2)Create another file search variable that is exactly the same as the first one, call it %AppDir2%, the only difference is make the default value: False.
    3)In the GENERAL DESIGN screen, go to the PRODUCT INFO tab, and change the default installation path to %AppDir%
    4)In the SCREEN MANAGER, create another screen; make it an SELECT INSTALL FOLDER screen. Make the title: Update Folder (or something like that)
    5)Place the Update Folder screen directly beneath the Install Folder screen using the arrows.
    6)Setup a Boolean Condition for the Install folder screen, make it: “%AppDir2% = False” also make one for the Update Folder screen, make it: “%AppDir2% <> False”. Note: This is slightly redundant, but it is just to make sure.
    7)Now go to the Update Folder screen in the SCREEN MANAGER and go to the INSTALL FOLDER section. Make the default %AppDir% and uncheck the ENABLE checkbox. Next go to the BROWSE BUTTON section and uncheck both the VISIBLE and ENABLED checkboxes. Note: You will want to change the text on this screen so that it explains the fact that they are upgrading and the old version will be uninstalled.
    8)Now go to SHELL OPERATIONS and make a new EXECUTE command. The command will be: EXECUTE PROGRAM. Target: “%WinDir%\iun506.exe” (you should check the name of the uninstall as it has changed from version to version of Setup Factory) Command Line arguments: “%AppDir2%\irunin.ini”. Check the “Wait for program to end before continuing” checkbox. Go to the ADVANCED tab and check the BEFORE INSTALLING checkbox. Go to the CONDITIONS tab and make a new Boolean Condition, make it: “%AppDir2% <> False”. This will uninstall the old version of your software, only if the old version actually exists.

    I just tested this out on my system and everything worked fine on this end, but I would definitely recommend that you test it thoroughly on your system. If you have any problems please either post a reply here or e-mail at [email protected]

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      Re: Need to check, if the S/W already installed

      Thank You very much, Mark,
      you helped me a lot!

      Best Regards,

      Ruth Glushkin,
      Minicom Advanced Systems Ltd.