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Can I reuse screens in several projects?

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  • Can I reuse screens in several projects?

    I have a series of screens that work well, and I want to use them in several installation projects that perform similar operations.

    My goal is to have a single place to edit each screen, even if the screen is used by several installation projects.

    (I know I can save screens and import them into other projects, but this involves extra steps and consequently a source for errors.)

    The screens do not have any project-specific settings.

    What is the best way to do this?

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    Re: Can I reuse screens in several projects?

    1. Select an existing screen and make all of your changes.
    2. Click on the EXPORT SCREEN TO A DATA FILE button, the button that looks like a floppy disk on the SCREEN MANAGER dialog.
    3. Save the screen in the Screens folder of your Setup Factory directory with the file extension "*.dat".
    4. Create an INI file for the screen in the Screens folder. Please open one of the existing INI files to see the proper format.

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