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  • CD-rom build

    We have a build that seems different from a usual build. We want to have an install that will do two things.

    1. Install all data (630+mb) to the users hard drive.
    User picks this option and the info is loaded to their hard drive
    and the game runs.

    2. Run the game from the CD.
    Setup quits at this point and then runs the game off of the CD.

    We are very new to ver. 5 This project needs
    to be out by next week. Please help.

    Ray Shingler
    Psychedelic Wishbone

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    Re: CD-rom build

    The best way to accomplish this would be by using Install Types, have one install type called: FULL INSTALL, and another called JUST RUN, and make all the other Install Types invisible. Now make two packages: "Full Install" and "Just Run". Add "Full Install" to FULL INSTALL, and "Just Run" to JUST RUN. Now add all the files to "Full Install". Now make an SHELL OPERATION, EXECUTE COMMAND that will run your game from the CD, and go the Conditions tab of the action, and select the "Just Run" package. Now if the user selects FULL INSTALL all the files will be installed to their hard drive, but if they select JUST RUN, the game will start, and no files will be installed. Now everything should work fine, please note that you will have to add the SELECT INSTALL TYPE and SELECT PACKAGES screens in the screen manager.

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