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  • Dialup Connection

    Is it possible to create a new Dialup connection. using Setup Factory to automate the process to input User Name, Phone Number...

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    Re: Dialup Connection

    Although it would be possible to use SF to create a new dialup connection wizard by stringing together single edit UI panels and the like, you may want to consider alternative solutions such as creating your own wizard (with VB or C++) and having SF launch your connection wizard with the "wait for program to terminate" flag. Having a standalone connection wizard could also be used at runtime for dialup changes and edits.

    In fact, you may just want to launch Microsoft's connection wizard from SF. Microsoft has put a lot of time and energy in making their dialup connection wizard work correctly. This method would be very integrated into the operating system and a familiar interface for your users.

    Another thought, if you're simply wanting to establish an Internet connection, you can query the RAS manager and the get the existing "Connectiod" strings that already have the users dialup information stored. If there are more than one the user should choose which one to use.

    The company I work for, Bugtoaster, has a product that needed to do just what your asking for. It uses SF and launches a custom wizard to gather additional user information. You can take a look at how it works if you like. Bugtoaster is a free client that can be downloaded from

    If you decide to use SF afterall, here are a few things that you may need to address:
    1) SF only runs at install time. If the user needs to change his/her connection settings, then there is no way for the user to adjust the settings later.
    2) If you do provide an additional way for the user to edit their connection settings after install time, then the user experience will be inconsistent and quite often confusing to the user.
    3) Creating a connection wizard with SF will not facilitate error checking and confirmation of correct values being entered.

    John L. Schacher
    [email protected]