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How to delete directory in uninstall

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  • How to delete directory in uninstall

    My problem is that somebody renamed
    the exe file, so it is already not
    in the uninstall list, and during
    uninstall the shortcut on the desktop
    and, of course, the renamed file
    were not deleted. After that, when
    finishing install of the same program,
    I had the shortcut for old renamed
    file (the shortcut name didn't changed!),
    so, when trying to run (and thinking
    that I am running the new program),
    I run the old version. It happened
    not at my own computer, but in
    client's company. How to prevent it?
    The problem is that I can't control
    their computer: they can install my
    program in any directory they want,
    they can rename and add any file
    to this directory. The only thing
    I am asking is how to remove all
    the files from the installed directory
    during the uninstall process and
    delete the directory itself, or,
    as minimum, to get error message,
    saying, that exe file, for example,
    was not found.

    Thank You in advance.

    Ruth Glushkin

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    Re: How to delete directory in uninstall

    You could try going to: SETTINGS -> UNISTALL -> FILE OPERATIONS tab. There create a new Command, make it:
    OPERATION: Delete
    SOURCE: %AppDir%\*.*
    Note that you can replace %AppDir% for whichever directory you want to delete. What the above action will do is remove all the files in the specified directory, %AppDir% above. This should solve your problem, if it doesn't please feel free to contact me.

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