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Silent Install

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  • Mark
    Re: Silent Install

    How exactly are you performing this patch? When does your "patch" perform incorrectly? Is it only when the user has two copies of your original program on his/her system? Or hen the user has multiple versions of your software on his/her system? Or when the user installs the software to a non-default path?
    If all you are patching in your "patch" is the executable then all you need to include in your setup is your executable. Basically what you should be doing is using a file search variable in order to find the path to your executable. Then use the path you have stored in your file search variable as the path that you install your executable to.


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  • Kay
    started a topic Silent Install

    Silent Install

    I have tried numerous times to create a silent install to patch existing software on a users system. I first go through and find the previous installation and then replace the software exe with the new one. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it installs the exe somewhere else and then they have a duplicate.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Do I need to include more than the exe in my setup for this to work?