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uninstalling shortcuts

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  • uninstalling shortcuts

    I'm using Setup Factory 5.0. In my installation process I've created a shortcut in the users %StartUp% directory. The shortcut gets installed and runs properly with the installation. This shortcut, however, is not being removed on my Uninstall. I did add a Remove Shortcut pointing to the shortcut name and %StartUp% directory on the SF5 Uninstall menu. Can you tell me how to get this shortcut removed from the users %StartUp% directory on an uninstall? Thanks; you've got a great product BTW, way more user friendly than Wise Installer. Thanks

    Tom Gallivan

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    Re: uninstalling shortcuts

    This was the problem regarding BAT files in Windows correct? For future reference everyone, if you are creating a Shortcut to MS-DOS BAT files Windows will make the shortcut, which are *.LNK files normally, into a *.PIF file. So when the uninstall occurs Setup Factory will be looking for a *.LNK file, which will not be there because it is a *.PIF file. If you want to create a shortcut to a BAT file simply make a FILE OPERATION in your Uninstall to delete the *.PIF file.

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