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Installing a second package

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  • Mark
    Re: Installing a second package

    What you could do is install it to the users Temporary directory (C:\TEMP usually) and then delete it after the install has completed. You can delete the file by using a FILE OPERATION; SETTINGS -> SHELL OPERATIONS -> FILE OPERATIONS tab. Simply make the operation Delete; point it to the file installed to the TEMP directory, and everything should work properly. Remember to make sure that the delete operation occurs after the file has been executed. So make your EXECUTE operation occur: AFTER INSTALLING, and your DELETE operation occur: ON SHUTDOWN.


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  • Thief
    started a topic Installing a second package

    Installing a second package

    Hi. I'm using SUF5.

    I need to include a setup application from another company (WinZIP Command Line Utilities. This is just one exe file, which, when executed, expands and sets up numerous files on the user's PC.) along with my custom application.

    I do not want to install the second package, just include it in *my* setup program and run it after *my* application has finished installing. I need the WinZip utilities to be installed so my app will work.

    How do I:
    * Not install the WinZip setup file but just run it after the installation of my custom files?
    * If it _has_ to be installed, how do I delete it from the user's PC drive, considering that the files could have been installed in any folder.




    -Prince Of Thieves