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  • WindowsNT

    Hi all,
    We market our product using SF v4.08
    Clients obviously mostly Win98, but recently we got an e-mail from a client using WinNT and he couldn't install product.

    So, my question is, for a Win NT system, when someone downloads our product from the web, what exactly do they do on their WinNT system to get the SF Installer.EXE to do it's stuff? Do they have to run it as a service or what? Or do they treat it just like a download on Win 98 and just double click on it?

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    Re: WindowsNT

    I have ran many install created in Setup Factory 4.0 that work properly on WIN NT, so I cannot really say what your problem is. Do you know if your client is getting an error? If so, do you know what the error says? Perhaps see if the client downloaded the entire file. Perhaps they could download it again? Also see if they could clear out their temporary directory and restart their system, it is amazing how many times simply doing this will solve a users "problem".
    As far as a Windows NT user’s running a Setup Factory install, they do not have to do anything special like run it as a service, they can just run it like someone using WIN 98 can.

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