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Install Sequence Control and Java MultiThread?

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  • Install Sequence Control and Java MultiThread?

    I'm trying to use SetupFactory 5.0 to install a Java application, so I need to conditionally call installations of the Java Runtime Environment, use the jar tool to unpack jar files so they run less slowly, and afterwards tidy up any metafile garbage left by the jar activities (I'm a bit wary of using freeware unzip alternatives since the app. is going to finicky clients).

    I've had a few problems, possibly because
    the Java installations run separate threads
    and, I guess, SetupFactory doesn't cater for this and hangs, if I use "wait for program to end before continuing"(?).

    My current attempted workaround is based on a guess that the Shell Operations run the
    the File Operations tab contents to completion before doing anything under the Execute tab.

    It seems to be working but can anyone confirm or refute the guess?

    In general, I think things would be easier if SetupFactory offered more fine-grained control of sequencing beyond the "at startup,
    before/after installing, on shut down" options. Nevertheless I'm impressed: great program, good learning curve, right price.

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    Re: Install Sequence Control and Java MultiThread?

    According to the knowledgebase article ( ) the EXECUTE actions are fired before the FILE OPERATIONS.

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