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  • Quoted execute target

    I'm using Win98SE, SF, and Shell Ops/Exectute tab. If I enclose the target in " ", sequenced for After Installing, with Wait for Program enabled, the operation fails during the install. (A box comes up that says "setup cannot execute...") Removing the quotes resolves the problem. Leaving the quotes in and sequencing for On Shutdown and disabling Wait for Program also avoids the problem. Quoted targets, when there are blanks etc., seem to be needed for manual Start/Run entries on some systems; I don't know if it's ever an issue for an SF install.

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    Re: Quoted execute target

    As far as I know there is no problem with using quotes around a target. I have tested this out on my machine and my EXECUTE PROGRAM action worked every time, with or without quotes. Also, as far as I know quotes are only important for Command Line Parameters, specifically when there are spaces in command line parameters, since spaces usually signal the end of the parameter.
    You might try getting the latest version of Setup Factory, version, and see if that solves the problem. You can get the latest version from:

    MSI Factory The Next Generation Intelligent Setup Builder