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Long file names

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  • Long file names

    We have a program, that was written with long file names. We only want this to run on Windows 9+. It runs on trial on every machine that we have tried it on. Is there any reason that we need to convert to short file names, if we do not plan it to run on Windows 3.1 or on Unix, or any platform except Win 9+ ??? Would like to know how this will affect installs with an old cd rom drive, that still have Win 9+ installed. thanx for any help you can give.

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    Re: Long file names

    As far as I know long file names will not cause you any problems. The only problem that some users might have is if they have an older CD-ROM drive. Some older CD-ROM drives have problems reading long file names, or reading formats like JOLIET.
    In general the ISO-9660, 8.3 naming convention, format is the best and safest method to use. But most products nowadays use long file names and it really is not a problem.

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