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Faulty File Search Variable settings

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  • Faulty File Search Variable settings

    I'm trying to set a file test variable up, but when you select 'TRUE' under the properties window for a file search variable and then OK, in the list window for variables it shows 'file version' under 'Store' instead of 'TRUE'. If you change it to 'Product Version String', it shows 'File Size' under 'Store'. I am presuming this is a bug, but it is a problem as I can't test for whether the file exists or not at the moment. Is there a way of editing the project file manually to get it to behave properly until a fix comes out?

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    Re: Faulty File Search Variable settings

    That is a bug in the display code on the list view. Whatever you have entered on the properties screen is the real value. What shows up on the list of commands is not significant.

    We will fix this bug in a future release.