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  • unnamed file

    I am a registered user of Setup Factory, and think it is a very usable utility. However, I am running into a major problem, and was wondering if anyone has had this problem and can help me.

    When running setup factory on Windows 98 machines, I get the message "An unknown error occurred while accessing an unnamed file" and then bombs out. This happens at the same place each time, while installing files about 1/4 into the setup.

    According to the setup log, this is how far it gets with a VB6 install:

    Setup Factory 5.0 Installation Log
    Date/Time: 28-Jan-01 01:42:51 PM

    [Execute Commands 0]

    [File Operations 0]

    [Execute Commands 1]

    [File Operations 1]

    [Installing from Archive]
    C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SimReg.ocx (Installed)
    C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSVBVM60.dll (Installed)

    I have checked and double-checked everything. Am now triple checking. Surely technical support would have an answer for this message --- What does it mean and how to rectify it?

    The setup runs correctly on Windows 2000.

    Thanks in advance for all help!

    Thomas W. Streiff

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    Re: unnamed file

    You said that it works fine on a WIN 2000 system, what OS's does it fail on? The first thing to do when you get an error is clean out the systems temporary directory, restart the system, and see if that solves the problem.
    If that does not work I would remove the file directly after MSVBVM60.dll and see if that solves the problem. If it does work there is something wrong with the next file, perhaps its file header is corrupter, try checking the files dates (RIGHT CLICK -> PROPERTIES). Are they correct?
    Can you create an installation that installs only one TEXT file? Does this installation work on the system where the previous one failed?

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