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  • Help?

    I am a newbie so bear with me. hehe

    I currently Use Install Shield for Delphi to install a program I developed. I am experimenting with SetupFactory 5.0 and need help.

    In Install shield all I have to do is add the files that I created to the setup and Install Shield handles the rest. The problem I am having is that my program uses a Borland DataBase Engine. Install Shield takes care of installing all the necessary files and sets up the appropriate aliases. I cannot get my program to run appropriately. Either from an Unknown alias error or a missing files error.

    Is it possible to create aliases during setup?

    How do I know if I have installed all the appropriate files for the DB Engine and in the right place? I found the files on my hard drive, but is that the location I install them on the target drive? Help!!

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    Re: Help?

    It is possible to create aliases during a Setup Factory Installation. Try reading this knowledge base article on distributing the Borland Database Engine:
    If you are still having problems please feel free to contact me.

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