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    How can I retrieve a saved *.dat file I created from the screen manger I customized. Will creating a blank Project enable me saving all of this info as a template in the near future so I dont have to re-edit any further unless I need to change the name of my project. With the wizard I am able to open my existing saved Template with all of my *.dat info or am I going backwards? I saved the screen menu *.dat file but the wizard, oppn existing Project does not support opening this format nor does the converting project from the start button?
    Hop all this info is usefull...


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    Re: Screen Manager Data

    The saved DAT file is the screen itself; you cannot open this file using the FILE -> OPEN COMMAND, or by attempting to open a previous project, because it is not a project. You can open it in the screen manager. Please see "Exporting a Screen" in the Users guide for information on saving a screen.
    Basically what you would do to create a "template" is set up your Setup Factory project will all the correct screens, settings, information, and then save it. Then you can open that project, save it as something else, add all your files, and then build.

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