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Running EXE from an MSI file

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  • Running EXE from an MSI file

    The only time Setup Factory will ask for an additional disk or, a disk, is if it cannot find all the information in the current file. So it almost seems as though some of the SETUP.EXE's information is being lost or corrupted when it is compressed, or transferred, within your MSI installation. Try re-building your setup and then using that new SETUP.EXE with your MSI installation.

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    Running EXE from an MSI file

    Due to user limitations on windows 2000, we have to create a setup using another program such as Installshield for Windows Installer or Wise for Windows Installer. To resolve the issue quickly, we were simply going to call the Setup Factory EXE from the MSI file. The SF screen comes up, once you hit next to continue, I get this error:
    "Please insert disc #1" (Browse to find files etc...) It defaults to C:\Windows\Temp - if you hit ok, it says, "Can't open the following archive file". The file it seems to be looking for is an MSI temp file. When I run the exe alone it works fine. ANY IDEAS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks!